What Do Marijuana Extracts in Oklahoma Entail?

Native Harvest Farms has great daily deals for anyone on the hunt for quality bud or marijuana extracts in Oklahoma. Our team of budtenders and experts work tirelessly to ensure we are producing quality products that will keep our clientele happy and coming back for more. We have wonderful weekly deals where you can get your favorite edibles or marijuana extracts in Oklahoma at a discounted price.

As we mentioned, we understand the importance of ensuring that Native Harvest Farms is providing the utmost quality products, we also value the knowledge and expertise that we can provide to our clientele across the state. You can always visit our website to get a full picture of just how meticulous we are with our growing process and get answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

There are quite a few marijuana extracts in Oklahoma and they all have different benefits. So, depending on your needs is how you can determine which marijuana extracts in Oklahoma would be best for you. Extracts sound really fancy and can be intimidating but we’re here to assure you that they’re nothing to shy away from and can enhance your experience with Native Harvest Farms products.

So, what are extracts? Well, they come in multiple forms and have a variety of names. Some may sound familiar and others may not. Extracts are forms of direct extraction of cannabinoids from the plant material, using a solvent. On the more popular side of familiarity is Shatter, Budder, Wax, Sugar, Crumble, Live Resin, and Hash. Sugar, wax, and crumble are the direct result of capturing the true essence of the plant. We produce these extracts by bringing them in through the full spectrum of cannabinoids, guaranteeing potency.

When we produce vape cartridges, this process captures the cannabinoids with ethanol. This process can be full spectrum as well, but we can also refine it into a distillate, which isolates each component. Then, voila! Our quality vape cartridges.

Hash is the oldest form of extraction, dating all the way back to Buddhist Monks in the 12th Century who were producing Temple Balls, bowling ball-sized hash balls, for the use of meditation. Then, they were made by crushing cannabis over a very fine screen then collecting the trichomes from the flower and pressing them into the useful balls.

Of course, the process of extraction varies depending on what the desired product is. Various conditions such as the condition of the parent material, the environment's temperatures, pressure, and the plant’s cellular structure can all affect how the extract will form and function for the user.

We encourage you to browse through our website and view each location’s inventory to see which marijuana extracts in Oklahoma may intrigue you and be worth trying!

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