Oklahomans showed up in 2018 to show their support for the cannabis community. Native Harvest is a group of Oklahomans that want to bring you the highest quality of cannabis products.  We take pride in every seed popping all the way to every flower consumed.  We pay attention to the details, growing every plant in live soil with no pesticides or metals.  The small things are what makes the Native Harvest difference.

We are here to offer an option for all symptoms and conditions that cannabis has been proven to benefit. Our knowledgeable bud tenders take pride in helping our patients find the product that can benefit them the most. We are here to share the cannabis experience with our great state as our knowledge expands about its natural benefits. We also offer our own line of concentrates pressed from our own flower to give you alternative options of consumption.  

Our pledge to you is that we will always pay attention to the subtle details to improve and offer consistent products for your needs. We are all born and bred Oklahomans that are here to share the experience of the cannabis community with you. Come see us at any of our locations and you will see the Native Harvest difference.

Our Staff

We take pride in having a staff that is knowledgeable, detailed, hard working, and committed to our mission, which is striving to be the best we can be. Our staff is trained to provide each plant with personalized care and attention to ensure that the quality is up to our standards.

Whether it’s long days harvesting a room and preparing it for the next crop, or simply walking the rows and noting observations, our staff works around the clock to help the plants reach their full potential.