Our Grow

Living Soil

Here at Native Harvest Farms, our plants are grown in live soil that’s treated with organic amendments to best replicate the plant’s natural growing environment. A lush canopy of clover and other vibrant foliage covers the surface of the soil. This helps to fix nitrogen levels in the soil as well as aids in creating a symbiotic relationship between plant nutrition and soil biology through mycorrhizal fungi populations. Our soil is teeming with beneficial bacteria, fungi, archaea, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms that break down organic matter to make nutrient sreadily available. Each one has a different job to boost soil and plant health. 

Quality Controlled to Perfection

Our indoor facility is engineered to provide the best quality flower possible. With live soil beds and organic nutrients we try to replicate the plant’s natural growing environment while removing the fluctuating and stressful conditions of growing outdoors.

We look to find what best meets the needs of the plant on both a macro and micro level. Our cultivation technicians use data collection instruments to ensure that the lighting, temperature, humidity, airflow, and nutrients are all at the exact levels in each of the rooms to meet the needs of the plant. By collecting and analyzing data, we’re able to determine how each genetic responds to different stimuluses so we can give specialized and detailed care to each of our plants. Here at Native Harvest we prioritize quality above all else. Our care and attention to detail is what sets us apart from other cultivation facilities.

Sanitation Practices

All of our employees undergo sanitation practices to ensure we maintain an environment absent of pests and disease. Aside from the soil beds themselves, we strive for operating room cleanliness. The facility is cleaned every night with odor free antimicrobial disinfectants that do not leave a residue. Each of our grow rooms are equipped with high efficiency particulate air filters, as well as air scrubbers that filter all of the air in the room at least 7 times per hour. All of our employees are required to change into a clean pair of clothes upon arriving to work, as well as the utilization of personal protective equipment when handling plants and liquids.

Where to find us


901 Arlington
Ada, OK, 74820
(580) 279-0692
Monday — Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday — Saturday 9am - 11pm
Sunday 10am - 9pm
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222 E Sheridan Ave. Suite 1
Oklahoma City, Ok, 73104
Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-2am
Sunday 11am-7pm
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1501 S 4th St
Chickasha, OK 73018
(405) 448-5065
Sunday 10am-9pm
Monday-Wednesday 9am-9pm
Thursday-Saturday 9am-10pm
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1818 E. 2nd
Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 920-6291
Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday 10am - 7pm
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829 SE 4th St.
Moore, OK 73160
(405) 378-2588
Sunday 11am-8pm
Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm
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