The Best Quality Cannabis Products in Oklahoma

Native Harvest Farms was organized by a group of Oklahomans that are dedicated to bringing our guests a great selection of quality cannabis products across major Oklahoma. We have five total locations across the state: Ada, Del City, Moore, New Castle and of course, Norman. We take pride in our products, ensuring you safely harvested and produced cannabis.

Since our inception in 2018, Native Harvest Farms has recognized that cannabis has proven benefits that help those dealing with a variety of symptoms and conditions. Our bud tenders are knowledgeable and are guaranteed to help you decide which of our quality cannabis products in Oklahoma can best help you achieve your goals and desires.

At Native Harvest Farms we pay close attention to the process with which we create our products and that includes monitoring the soil and other external environmental conditions. All of our plants are grown in live soil that we treat with organic amendments so that we can treat our plants as if they’re growing and thriving in their natural growing environments.

Our indoor facility is engineered to promote growth of the best quality flower possible. The nutrients in our soil, alongside the good fungi and bacteria, allow the plants to be able to thrive and grow as they would in their usual habitats. We also incorporate the information our data technicians record and analyze how each flower is responding to the stimuli in our facility. This thorough process allows Native Harvest Farms to continue to bring you quality cannabis products in Oklahoma.

Quality is surely important but we wouldn’t be able to produce quality products without ensuring our processes are also incorporating top notch sanitation processes. We ensure that our environments are free of pests and diseases that would disrupt the livelihood of our products.

Native Harvest Farms menus vary slightly by location. You can visit our website to see the menu of each location but here’s a few of the quality cannabis products in Oklahoma that we offer. We offer a variety of products so that you can find your perfect match. We sell the flower in its natural state, pre-rolls to make it easier on you, vaporizers, concentrates and edibles too. No matter your cannabis preference, we have something for you! On top of our already great product list, we offer CBD options too. If you wish to understand the difference between THC and CBD, visit our website for a full breakdown of some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Our blog also has very useful information and is a great starting point for navigating your cannabis needs.

Across all of our locations we offer online ordering. Visit our website, select your location and begin your order. As we mentioned, our budtenders are very knowledgeable and here to help guide you in the right direction for figuring out what works best for you. Check us out on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Where to find us


901 Arlington
Ada, OK, 74820
(580) 279-0692
Monday — Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday — Saturday 9am - 11pm
Sunday 10am - 9pm
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222 E Sheridan Ave. Suite 1
Oklahoma City, Ok, 73104
Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-2am
Sunday 11am-7pm
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1501 S 4th St
Chickasha, OK 73018
(405) 448-5065
Sunday 10am-9pm
Monday-Wednesday 9am-9pm
Thursday-Saturday 9am-10pm
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829 SE 4th St.
Moore, OK 73160
(405) 378-2588
Sunday 11am-8pm
Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm
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