Most Common Questions About Cannabis Answered

Are you amongst that group of people that have a vague idea of cannabis and always nod your head when someone mentions it? Let’s be honest, not everyone has full and complete knowledge about cannabis and since it’s not a part and parcel of our daily life like grocery shopping we don’t bother to expand our knowledge or make an effort to ask enough questions.

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Without further ado lets’ dive into the frequently asked questions about cannabis.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis can be defined as a drug that is used for medicinal and recreational purpose. It is derived from a plant of the same name and is also called as Marijuana. This is the simplest definition of cannabis. Although when you delve further into learning more about it, you realize the expanse of its popularity and usage in modern world as well as ancient history.

Cannabis can be consumed by inhaling or eating edible form. Edibles in Oklahoma can be found at Native Harvest Farms.

What is Cannabis used for?

Cannabis is used for its medicinal, recreational and spiritual properties.

Cannabis can be used to heal and treat symptoms of diseases but the lack of research on this aspect makes it difficult to say anything with surety. Cannabis use is restricted because of it being categorized as an illegal drug by many governments. Cannabis has a vast spectrum to cover when it comes to the extent of healing and its possible side effects.

Cannabis can also be used as a recreational drug and has been used for this very purpose in the past centuries. Cannabis can provide immediate mood changes, heightened awareness of simulation, moments of euphoria and sometimes memory loss.

Cannabis has historical importance in Indian as well as Greek mythology. Some of the earliest information on cannabis dates back as far as 1400BC. Cannabis has also been associated with phasing out agony and grief.

What the possible side effects of Cannabis?

The sole reason there is not a possible list of side effects of Cannabis and enough data to collaborate on it is that fact that it remains inaccessible in some states and illegal in others.

On the basis of few pieces of information put together we can at least conclude that it should be avoided in pregnancy. It is not beneficial for the mother and the baby and can have long lasting negative outcomes for both. One of the most immediate side effects of Cannabis can be the inability to think clearly and can result in life threatening accidents. But bear in mind this can be different for different people and with proper level of dosage this can be avoided.

Where can I buy edibles in Oklahoma?

Here at Native Harvest Farms we offer different products to suit your needs. You can choose from concentrates, edibles or tinctures from our website or shop in store at our Ada, Del City and Moore locations.

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