Marijuana for Mental Health

You may be familiar with marijuana’s ability to control chronic pain, but studies also reveal the efficacy of cannabis in therapeutics. In recent years, more Oklahomans are turning to medical marijuana dispensaries to treat a variety of health issues - including stress, anxiety, and depression. But, how exactly does marijuana benefit mental health? What is marijauna’s effect on the brain? Keep reading and ask the experts at our medical marijuana dispensary in Norman to learn more.

Marijuana and Mental Health

The cannabinoids present in marijuana are the reason cannabis can treat a wide variety of conditions. These cannabinoids work with our body’s endocannabinoid system to directly benefit our brain and central nervous system. CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from hemp (a non-intoxicating strain of marijuana) and shows many pharmacological benefits. CBD is often used to treat addiction, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and other mental health concerns.

When CBD is administered with lower doses of THC, or the psychotropic strain of marijuana, it reduces negative emotional responses to stressors. High doses of CBD can even help individuals who suffer from panic attacks, social anxiety, and bipolar disorder. The benefits of marijuana on mental health don’t end there. Daily doses of cannabis can further ease insomnia, enhance mood, induce hunger, and give its user a boost of energy. Because cannabis naturally boosts the body’s serotonin levels in the brain it assists in stabilizing mood. Doctors and scientists are even studying the benefits of cannabis in treatment of PTSD and its ability to calm the mind in the presence of associated insomnia or night terrors.

Marijuana and Cognitive Abilities

One of the most amazing benefits of marijauna is its positive effect on preserving and enhancing the brain’s cognitive abilities. In fact, cannabis studies show promising signs of memory improvement and prevention of memory loss. How does it do it? Cannabis strains hold anti-inflammatory properties, which allows the brain to focus, understand, learn, and remember better than before. Furthermore, marijauna has also been found to have an antipsychotic effect on the brain, which assists in transmitting messages and connecting neurons more efficiently. Studies show that it is possible that schizophrenic patients who experience vivid hallucinations and speech problems may also benefit from the use of medical marijauna.

Native Harvest Farms, Medical Marijauna Dispensary in Norman

Cannabis comes in many different strains with varying amounts of THC and CBD. Finding the best cannabis treatment for your mental health will depend on obtaining high-quality medical marijauna from an experienced medical marijauna dispensary in Norman. At Native Harvest Dispensary, we take pride in the fact that our staff understands the use of medical marijauna in the treatment of a variety of health issues. Our staff is trained to provide each plant and patient with personalized care to provide a quality that is above and beyond state standards.

The small things are what makes Native Harvest Dispensary different from the rest. We pay attention to the details, and you can rest assured knowing that each of our plants are grown in live soil with no pesticides or metals. Stop by our medical marijauna dispensary in Norman today to learn more about the medical marijauna strains available to you. We’ll make the best recommendations based on your needs and desires.

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