Looking For Reduced Pain & Anxiety?

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries exist to provide people with safe and effective alternatives for relief. Living with pain and anxiety can lead to frustration, anger, sadness, and even fear among other things. Native Harvest Farms offers alternatives. Their 6 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Oklahoma provide you with products and support. They carry a large selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and carts.


So not all of us are familiar with the world of medicinal cannabis or cannabis in general. The terms, the variety of strains, methods of use – smoke, vape, eat - can make us pause. And even give up! 

You can feel encouraged to know that – as in everything else – there are no stupid questions. And staff, or budtenders as they are called in the stores, are compassionate listeners . And they are educated in their products. 

Better yet, they have heard the stories of other patients. They’ve made suggestions based on product experience. And they’ve provided support in how to find the right dose of the right product. Try Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Oklahoma.

So, a simple question about the product line. What is a cart? Cart is short for cartridge. Carts, in this case, contain oils or concentrates derived from medicinal cannabis. These carts screw onto marijuana e-cigarettes or vape pens. Magnetic carts are also available. 

In short, carts are another vehicle to use to take in medicinal marijuana.  Origins of oils and thus uses will vary as will strengths. Weed vape cartridges contain terpenes and therefore do not have the traditional weed smell. This makes use a little less conspicuous.


Why don’t these carts put off a traditional weed smell? Marijuana, the plant, is made up of hundreds of compounds. Many of these have been studied, THC for instance, and their characteristics or qualities are well known.

Terpenes, terpenoids, terps - are a compound found in cannabis, and also in thyme, citrus fruits, and many other plants. They  actually make up the major ingredient in essential oils and provide the aromas. Along with wonderful smells, many are known for their medicinal properties  and have been used for centuries. 

Peppermint oil, for instance, is  recommended for treating coughs. It is also known to help reduce headaches if applied to the skin. And it’s key to a summertime favorite - peppermint ice cream!

Cannabis terpenes are used in medicinal marijuana products to adjust both aromas and flavors. And they too are said to have medicinal properties. Those include but are not limited to acting as a mild sedative, an analgesic or pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory agent. 

Questions Welcome!

These are just 2 simple questions. Native Harvest Dispensaries staff have a depth of knowledge and experience to assist you with your own questions. Finding hope for relief from pain and anxiety can open up time and space to enjoy your days more fully. 

You are welcome to call any of the 6 Native Harvest Farms Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Oklahoma today. 

Ada:  580-279-0692

Chickasha:  405-448-5065

Guthrie:  405-877-3342

Moore:  405-378-2588

Norman:  405-857-7103

Oklahoma City:  405-657-5544

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901 Arlington
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Sunday 10am - 9pm
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222 E Sheridan Ave. Suite 1
Oklahoma City, Ok, 73104
Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-2am
Sunday 11am-7pm
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1501 S 4th St
Chickasha, OK 73018
(405) 448-5065
Sunday 10am-9pm
Monday-Wednesday 9am-9pm
Thursday-Saturday 9am-10pm
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829 SE 4th St.
Moore, OK 73160
(405) 378-2588
Sunday 11am-8pm
Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm
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