How to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain

Oklahoma is home to over 2000 dispensaries. That means that there are plenty of places for you to find the newest and most popular strains of marijuana. But how do you choose the right strain for you? 

Don’t worry, our experts at Native Harvest Dispensary are here to help. Read this guide so you know exactly how to shop for cannabis at a dispensary near me

Indica vs. Sativa

The simplest way to think of marijuana strains is on a spectrum. On one end you have Indica, which are known to be more hypnotic and relaxing. On the other end of the spectrum there are Sativa, which are known to boost energy levels and alertness. Your desired experience will help you choose a strain that lands somewhere between the two. 

Of course, we’d love it if it was that simple. Marijuana buds contain More than 80 cannabinoids that have different effects on various parts of the body and brain, while different strains induce different results. Thus, here’s a quick guide on choosing the strains with the right percentage of Indica and Sativa for you. 

Marijuana Strains for Energy 

In general, sativa-dominant strains contain higher levels of THC, which is more likely to boost energy and promote creative thinking. People often opt for a sativa strain for social atmospheres. Some popular energy-inducing sativa strains include Sour Diesel and Golden Goat. However, keep in mind that high doses of sativa (buds with THC levels over 18%) could cause anxiety in some individuals when taken in high doses. 

Marijuana Strains for Sleep 

Indica-dominant strains are generally more felt in the body and therefore known for promoting relaxation and sleep. These strains are often used to treat sleep apnea and insomnia. When you shop at a dispensary near me, you may also search for the presence of the cannabinoid CBN, which is known for promoting sleep. You can also increase the CBN presence in your favorite strains by allowing them to dry out in the sun.  

Marijunana Strains for Pain Management

Marijuana is well-known in the medical community for its analgesic effects. For example, studies have shown that THC binds with pain-sensing receptors to significantly reduce pain in cancer patients. 

Another cannabinoid, CBD, has also been proven to reduce inflammation and pain without producing a “high” characteristic. CBD often works with THC and other cannabinoids to restore tissue and relieve pain. 

Visit Native Harvest Dispensary 

To learn more about marijuana strains, treating various conditions and ailments, or inquire about high-quality medicinal cannabis visit a Native Harvest Dispensary near me. Our experienced bud tenders will help you find the perfect marijuana strain to fit your various needs. 

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