Ethically Grown Marijuana in Oklahoma

Native Harvest Farms prioritizes providing our customers with ethically grown marijuana in Oklahoma. Throughout the entire growth process our team keeps a close eye on our plants to ensure we are able to provide quality flow and products to our loyal customers.

What exactly does ethically grown marijuana in Oklahoma look like? At Native Harvest Farms we have perfected our process, and it is a tedious one, but one that is so worth its while. One of the key components of providing ethically grown marijuana in Oklahoma is living soil. Our living soil is treated with organic amendments so that we can replicate the plant’s natural growing environment as closely as possible. This mimicking allows the plant to thrive as it would out in the wild naturally.

We also ensure that a canopy of clover and other useful, vibrant foliage covers the soil. This foliage adds to the natural mimicking of the plant’s normal environment. The foliage in conjunction with the well cared for living soil helps fix the nitrogen levels in the soil. Our goal with this environmental setup is to help create a symbiotic relationship between the soil nutrition and soil population through mycorrhizal fungi population.

That is a lot of scientific verbiage to explain how Native Harvest Farms provides ethically grown marijuana in Oklahoma. To make it simpler, we have various bacteria and fungi alongside nematodes and earthworms that help break down organic matter and in turn boosts the soil's health by making the nutrients readily available to the plants.

Perfecting the health of the soil in this alternate environment is only a glimpse of the hard work we put into our ethically grown marijuana in Oklahoma. Our indoor environment is set up to alleviate any stress on the plants. Native Harvest Farms technicians collect data that monitors the lighting, temperature, humidity, air flow, and the exact levels of nutrients.  This data collection allows our technicians to tailor each genetic strain’s growing environment so that our plants are able to thrive.

Another vital part of providing ethically grown marijuana in Oklahoma includes maintaining our sanitation practices. We have to ensure that our replicated environments are free of pests and diseases to make sure our plants are thriving and growing healthily. Of course, we maintain the sanitation of our soil but we also understand that our facility needs to be equally clean. We clean every night with odor free antimicrobial disinfectants to make sure our plants are not infected. Our facility’s air is also purified with air scrubbers up to seven times a hour.

Native Harvest Farms has perfected our growth process and sanitation practices over the last few years and this is how we can guarantee you quality marijuana and marijuana practices. Visit our website to plan a visit to one of our locations across the state.

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