Guide to Premium Edibles in Oklahoma

As the medical purposes and legal allowances of marijuana continues to expand, a more diverse range of products are becoming available to patients. One popular form of cannabis taking the industry by storm is medical marijauna edibles.

What are cannabis edibles?

When people mention marijuana edibles they tend to refer to tasty treats like cannabis infused gummies, medicated candies, and pot brownies.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to cannabis-infused snacks. It’s true, chefs and medical marijauna extractors can turn nearly any food or drink into an edible. But edibles aren’t just for patients with a sweet tooth. Many people are also looking to tinctures and capsules to deliver medicine more directly.

When you shop for edibles at Native Harvest Farms, you’ll find delicious and effective cannabis-infused products such us:

  • Cheeba Chews
  • Emerald Leaf Caramel Chocolate Bars and Brownies
  • Treehorn Sea Salt 100 mg Caramels
  • Green Hornet Mixed Fruit, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon Gummies
  • Keef Brands candies like Original Keef Cola, Strawberry-Kiwi Keef Water, Blue Razz Keef Soda, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Pink Panties Syrup
  • Cartel Oil Co Delete Treesap flavors like Cherry Limeade, Tiger’s Blood, Grape, Chocolate, Happy Rancher, Mango, and Pina Colada
  • And much more!

Why are more patients choosing marijuana edibles in Oklahoma?

There are several reasons why more patients are choosing edibles in Oklahoma.

For one, it’s a discreet method of delivery. Patients can consume edibles to treat their conditions without having to worry about smelling of marijuana before they head out the door. Because marijauna edibles often take the form of food, patients can feel comfortable taking their edible in front of others without revealing their cannabis use.

Secondly, the effects of edibles are long lasting. While the results of inhaled marijuana tend to diminish after 2-3 hours, patients report feeling the effects of edibles between 6-8 hours after consumption.

These long-lasting effects are also more consistent, which is ideal for certain patients. For example, patients with anxiety or depression may use edibles to support their mood throughout the day.

Lastly, edibles can offer specific dosing that can be beneficial to patients that want more control over their experience. Marijuana gummies, tinctures, and capsules are formulated with specific THC and CBD content, for safe and accurate dosing.

How to choose the right edible

It may be fun to sample marijauna infused candy and cookie mix by a reputable dispensary like Native Harvest Farms, but when shopping for edibles in Oklahoma, you also want to consider what type will best fit your needs.

Indica, sativa, or hybrid strains of cannabis are infused in edibles to treat a variety of conditions. Many edibles are packed with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive element in cannabis. However, if you want relief without a high, look for edibles rich in cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive “healing compound” found in cannabis.

No matter what edibles you choose, it’s important to start small and titrate up slowly until you are comfortable with the relief it provides and feel accustomed to the side effects.

When you need help choosing the right edible, follow this guide to ensure you choose high-quality edibles from a reputable medical marijuana dispensary, like Native Harvest Farms.

  1. Decide what form of edible is right for you.
  2. Consider indica, sativa, or hybrid strains to effectively treat your condition.
  3. Find out where it was grown and ask for third-party test results.
  4. Look for products that list the THC vs. CBD amount.
  5. Know what the terms on the label mean.

Where to find the best edibles in Oklahoma

Thousands of cannabis products line store shelves, but determining the best edibles in Oklahoma is up to you. For high-quality edibles from a source you can trust, shop our wide selection at Native Harvest Farms. Our bud tenders are knowledgeable and can assist with any questions about flower, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and more.

Now you can order your favorite cannabis-infused products and more online! Click to shop at Native Harvest Farms online from our Ada, Newcastle, or Norman locations (powered by Leafly).

We look forward to serving you soon!

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