Different types of CBD that you should know about

Despite how many people are using CBD today, there are still some misconceptions about CBD. But luckily, more and more people are starting to realize the benefits that CBD brings with it. It's not a drug and it's not something that carries with it an immense amount of side effects. People use CBD for all sorts of reasons nowadays. But one of the misconceptions we want to clear up today is what form you can get CBD in. With that in mind we're going to tell you all the ways you can get CBD and how it's not one size fits all. You can find what works for you.


If you go into any Dispensary, you'll probably be recommended some oils. This is because CBD comes in a variety of different oils. Whether you're rubbing it on your skin or using the oils in different ways, this is a very popular method for consuming CBD. It's a simple way. And a lot of people find it soothing as well. So if you're still on the fence about CBD, this might be a viable option for consumption.


Another way that CBD comes in an edible form. More specifically it comes in gummies. Most Dispensaries will carry CBD in this form as well. This can be an alternative that makes you feel like you're consuming candy. Now, of course, you need to use discretion and be responsible but, a lot of people find this a fun way to consume CBD. It's a familiar feeling to have gummies instead of using an oil or vape. So if you're a fan of candy, this might be the alternative for you.


If you don't want any fanfare and you're going to a Cannabis Dispensary for some CBD, but you also don't know what you want to take to CBD in, opt for capsules. Capsules are just like pills. There's nothing fancy about them and you can just ingest them quickly and be done with it. Obviously this morning one way to ingest CBD but, this is one of the more popular options.


Last on our list, just like you could smoke Medical Marijuana, in a vape and get one at a Marijuana dispensary, you can also smoke CBD in the vape. This is yet another popular option among people who have either been smoking CBD for a while or want to get into it for the first time. It's a popular route because oftentimes people who try CBD are already smoking other things like cigarettes or marijuana. So vaping can be a familiar thing for them. Remember, always console with your doctor before trying CBD.

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