Chronic Pain and Medical Marijuana

Millions of Americans live with chronic pain. You might be one of them. Are you searching for a better way to manage pain so that you can get on with your life? Medical Marijuana may be the key. Native Harvest Farms, with 6 medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma, is here to provide education and high-quality medical cannabis for your comfort.

All These Questions!

Talking to others who have your condition is a good place to start. They share your pain and your search for answers. Ask if they’ve tried medical marijuana products.  What did they experience? How long did it take to get relief? How often do they need to repeat treatment? 

Every one of us is unique.  Your experience could be different from theirs. And this where the experts at Native Harvest Farms medical marijuana dispensaries can help. Most likely they’ve worked with patients with similar issues. The staff are well-trained. They know the strains available, their characteristics, and strengths. You may be considering this treatment for the 1st time, but they have helped many others start their own journey. And they will help you too.

And How Did They Tell Their Doctor?

Or did they? There is still a stigma around using marijuana for pain and other medical troubles. The sense of shame or the idea of turning to illegal drugs can stop a person from even bringing up the subject.

38 states now allow medical marijuana. And true, an argument doctors often make is that there isn’t enough data or scientific evidence. Patients sometimes take on the responsibility of supplying studies and articles. There are trusted sources which may help open physician’s eyes. 

You do need a prescription to be able to buy medical cannabis in Oklahoma. You might need help with this process if you aren’t comfortable talking to your own doctor. Asking others you've encountered who use the products is one way to find information. A simple Google search can also be helpful. 

Having your doctor as a partner in care can make sense. There are trusted websites who make studies and opinions on the use of cannabis in its many forms available to everyone. Being informed helps both you and your doctor make you as comfortable as possible.

Other Conditions Showing Promise

Pain and inflammation can degrade our overall health leading down the path to other harmful diseases. Finding relief changes lives. There are actually many other conditions showing promise for relief. Medical cannabis is an extremely effective muscle relaxant. PTSD shows promise. 

Please call the location most convenient to you with your questions. Or visit the website. Native Harvest Farms wants to help you get more joy out of your every day! Dispensaries can be found in Ada, Chickasaw, Guthrie, Moore, Norman, and Oklahoma City.

The Native Harvest Farms website is great for help! Access the medical marijuana dispensary locations, products, specials, and contact information. Once set up, you may be able to make purchases online.

Where to find us


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Chickasha, OK 73018
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829 SE 4th St.
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